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Official Rules Of VistageX

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Welcome to the official VistageX  Below you will find an overview of the current channels that we use and a list of rules. Head over to community for a general overview of the Server, the discord itself and some useful links Rules : • Show respect towards the other discord users • No spamming, flooding or posting malicious links in the Discord . • Don't impersonate other players, staff members, Operatives, Community managers, Partners, etc. • Don't spread sexually explicit, pornographic, NSFW, violent, or illegal content. • No personal attacks, bigotry, harassment, sexism, racism, derogatory content, or hate speech • Try to use the correct channel as much as possible. Conversations can derail a bit, but don't start posting memes in help-and-support for example • We encourage positive behavior within this community; try to help new people if they come in, help others with questions, etc. Rules apply for both text and voice channels Abuse or misconduct might lead to a warning or possible kick/ban depending the severity Any problems? Mention one of the operatives or go over questions-and-help for assistance Official information ►Check announcements for all the news and announcements related to VistageX ►Check community for a general information about the Server, this discord and some useful links

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