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  1. Staff Application format: I’m applying for Mod or Server Support Age: 19 Time zone : mountain daylight Discord : PkDream and ingame name PkDream What can I offer for the server ? I can offer advisement , support and ideas for the server , I can also host tourneys and weekly goals towards the server . Why should we pick you over everyone one else ?? I’m the dream ? How much time can I put towards the server? I can put avg 6+ servers everyday Past experience as staff member in rsps community? I have been mods and admin for many servers ( doomscape, wisdom osrs , runescape custom etc) Do you have any previous punishments on the server ? Nope I’m also a streamer and part of a esports team , I’m planning to get back in rsps as a side stream for my viewers and I can help advise the server ☺️ thanks
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