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  1. On Vistage, it's easy to start making bank even if you just started. 1-Easier NPC's are located at ;;easymk, you can either pick mans, or void parasites. You can examine an NPC to see their drops. Some stronger bosses can be done even with just a rune set, or dharok and dwarven rock, For example ; The easiest : -Sunfreet, Bork, Tentacle, Dagannoth's, Shadow Corp, Sea troll queen and God's boss ( A lot of hp) The mid-level ones : Barrelchest, Avatars, nomad, Blink, Thunder and Flambeed Hardest : Lucien, Vorago and Nex (ALL BOSSES ARE ON THE GLOBAL TELEPORT AT HOME) 2-You can also do Slayer tasks and cummulate slayer points to buy either E row(Gives 1% extra drop rate), or the double drop aura, which double all your drops. It's also a good way to make money since Slayer tokens are rare right now. You can also do Fight Caves for decent drops (Best drop being Infernal cape), Rise of the six minigame, where you can buy gear and ring that gives drop rate, All those are easily doable with a spawnable gear. Hope this helps, King Cum
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