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  1. Starter Guide *First thing that you have to do is claim your starter box! https://gyazo.com/332822763b1a2685130ceeb252f4a318 -Make sure to type ::curseson to get curses Prayer book.(Make sure to read the ::commands so you can take an advantage of them). *Next thing you should do is go and equip your dharoks set and get some pots from pvp supplies! https://gyazo.com/76285fdd9714b941d550d47f44efb9f4 (You get overload from ::gear which can be enough). - Make sure to bring your Dwarven Rock Cake https://gyazo.com/7a5ded4e2ab04933ff6cc295cbac4017 *Next make your way over to ::easymk and select Man https://gyazo.com/ab5b2e2fdbf9d39042e527b8b608f256 *Click your Dwarven Rock Cake and set your hp to 1-10 (pray melee so man doesn't kill you) https://gyazo.com/f93bf856237eddb3ff1a6f44f20b608e Now you are able to kill men easily, your next mission is to calculate enough gear for void Parasyte which give easier drops compared to man and get you ready for the future journey, strong bosses and so on... Tips on making money after you have had enough gear from man and voids: *Slayer: slayer is not only great for its Ring of wealth which gives 1.8 DR addition, Double Drops Aura which doubles your drops and other items of the shop too. Slayer is a great way to make money, get easily sold items and to work with the boss master whom gives boss tasks you offering tons of PRIZES (I recommend checking the master store your self). *Skilling: skilling is not only as hard as other server but is way fun offering amazing features such as the colorful partyhat which generates colours every few moments, RGB nex sets etc and the comp cape which gives you not only the PVM and skilling advantage but other advantages you should look into yourself! (type ::skilling ingame to go there or use the interface thats next to the map - https://gyazo.com/9d400b7da4a397fe4bee39ad03e95c81) Minigames -PvP - Gambling(Duel Arena, Safe Gambling): these 3 are pretty well explained, all you need to do now is to visit and have a good look at each one of them so you can easily pick your next STOP, make sure to look into the shops(for most of the unique or items that are not well known to the players will have show an explanation when are clicked)... **NOTE: IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE STILL A LITTLE LOST, NOT SURE ABOUT SOMETHING AND NEED HELP ABOUT ANYTHING PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MAKE A ::TICKET OR ASK IN THE FC. YOU SHOULD ALSO READ THE GUIDE BOOK FOR MORE INFO(I can not explain enough about the server in one thread, its now your turn to EXPLORE) Hopefully this was helpful. Kind regards, 7MODE & DANIEL
  2. Things you must know before claiming spawning rights: *You can only fight other spawners when you are in spawn mode. *You must spawn and look for the un-boxed items(not doing this can get your rank removed). *Colorful party hat does not work when you are in spawn mode. *You will not be able to trade/drop items when you are in spawn mode. *After claiming the spawning rights you will not be able to sell or swap it back for redeems. *When you log out your account will be back to the position you was in before you started spawning. I have claimed my spawning rights, now how can I start spawning? You can start spawning by doing this command ::item itemId itemamount Item id is meant to be the id of the item you wish to spawn. Item amount is meant to be the amount of the item you wish to spawn. How do I get the id of the item I wish to spawn? You can get the ids of items that contain a certain name by doing the command ::getid itemname. after doing that you should click on this button so it can reveal the ids of the items that contain that 'itemname' in their name. A picture of the button: An example of me spawning: https://gyazo.com/0f5110462dd0254a8a2ac63467fba476 Hopefully this was helpful. Kind regards, 7MODE
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