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    • you'll want to begin your start of slayer at spria. then you will teleport to slayer master turael since this most likely is your first task. If it isn't choose the one that is matching your level. Now you have your task you want to go to the tab with the question mark and the 3 blue things and click teleport to slayer task.    You'll want to continue to do slayer until you get enough to make your first purchase which will be a slayer helmet. This will help greatly with your task as it adds a bonus damage per hit while on task. Now the main reason you wanna get this early game is because when on task and wearing your slayer helm it has a chance to drop 2 attachments that will upgrade your slayer helm improving it's overall quality and usefulness.   Now, you're going to want to make an alt to grind for ring of wealth enchanted. now slayer tokens aren't tradable BUT, ring of wealth enchanted is. so you want to grind for a ring of wealth enchanted and trade it over so you can save your mains tokens for the double drop aura.
    • Pets Differences  Hello everyone, today we will be talking about the F* pets and dropped pets: Dropped pets Currently gods boss is the only dropped pet that gives bonuses due to the fact that of how hard it is to get and other pets are basically cosmetics for now.(Gods boss gives 0.3% DR) F* pets Tormented Demon F* is the best F* pet as it gives extra 0.5% DR. In addition, it comes with a bit of stats such as strength etc. Nex/Lucien F* pets give 0.4% additional DR. KBD F* gives 0.3% additional DR. Shoulder pets give 0.2% additional DR. Bork F* GIVES 0.1% additional DR. Hopefully this was helpful. Kind regards, 7MODE
    • Donators' Differences Hello everyone, alot of people question the differences between each of the donator ranks and today I will be summing up the differences:   1- Yell & Veng timer: the higher your donator rank is the less delay will be required for the next action to performed. 2- Donator shops: the higher your donator rank is the more items you will be having in your donator store but just so you know all of them have the OVL flask, epics donators can buy for 1B cash epics aura which gives additional 0.2 DR and additional damage on NPCS. 3- Donator titles: each of the donator ranks will give you a title of the rank you've redeemed. Epic donators can customize there titles as they wish do ::commands to learn more about it. 4- Donator zones: donator+ have a ::dzone which is mostly for people who wanna chill. However, epic donators can go to ::epicszone for thunder that is only found in PvP for others. In addition, forgotten warriors are there who drop gods wings which are dropped by gods boss but he requires ruby bolts and a better armour OFC(Gods boss has a higher rate of dropping the wings for that reason). 5- Bank anywhere: super donors+ have the ability to ;;bank anywhere they wish(wildy is not included and  the minigames OFC). 6- Epic donators don't lose HP when they use overload. Hopefully this was helpful. Kind regards, 7MODE
    • Staff Application format: I’m applying for Mod or Server Support  Age: 19 Time zone : mountain daylight  Discord : PkDream and ingame name PkDream  What can I offer for the server ?  I can offer advisement , support and ideas for the server , I can also host tourneys and weekly goals towards the server .  Why should we pick you over everyone one else ?? I’m the dream ?  How much time can I put towards the server? I can put avg 6+ servers everyday   Past experience as staff member in rsps community? I have been mods and admin for many servers ( doomscape, wisdom osrs , runescape custom etc)  Do you have any previous punishments on the server ? Nope  I’m also a streamer and part of a esports team , I’m planning to get back in rsps as a side stream for my viewers and I can help advise the server ☺️ thanks
    • Starter Guide *First thing you should do is to ::vote so you can buy your first mystery box from vote shop and help the server grow. Vote's Shop location: https://gyazo.com/1b6cc2e1210c4bf10d4e7d567429a5fb -Second, you have a starter box in your inventory and there is two options which are melee & range. Here is what each of the options can get you and just so you know its pretty much about preferences when it comes to each of the options. **option 1(Ranged Starter): https://gyazo.com/7366eb9998c8ca698fb3035daaa51d97 **Option 2(Melee Starter): https://gyazo.com/ae8a9ebb0825c96c0f2e5c90f5aeeea2 *Next, make your way over to ::easymk and select Man.  https://gyazo.com/ab5b2e2fdbf9d39042e527b8b608f256 Now you are able to kill men easily, your next mission is to calculate enough gear for void Parasyte which give easier drops compared to man and get you ready for the future journey, strong bosses and so on... Tips on making money after you have had enough gear from man and voids: *Slayer: slayer is not only great for its Ring of wealth which gives 1.8 DR addition, Double Drops Aura which doubles your drops and other items of the shop too. Slayer is a great way to make money, get easily sold items and to work with the boss master whom gives boss tasks to you offering tons of PRIZES (I recommend checking the master store your self). *Skilling: skilling has been simplified unlike other servers. In addition, its way more fun offering amazing features such as the colorful partyhat which generates colours every few moments, RGB nex sets etc and the comp cape which gives you not only the PVM and skilling advantage but other advantages you should look into yourself! (type ::skilling ingame to go there or use the interface thats next to the map -  https://gyazo.com/9d400b7da4a397fe4bee39ad03e95c81)  Minigames -PvP - Gambling(Duel Arena, Safe Gambling): these 3 are self explained, all you need to do now is to visit and have a good look at each one of them so you can easily pick your next STOP, make sure to look into the shops(for most of the unique or items that are not well known to the players will have show an explanation when are clicked)... **NOTE: IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE STILL A LITTLE LOST, NOT SURE ABOUT SOMETHING AND NEED HELP ABOUT ANYTHING PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MAKE A ::TICKET OR ASK IN THE FC. YOU SHOULD ALSO READ THE GUIDE BOOK FOR MORE INFO(I can not explain enough about the server in one thread, its now your turn to EXPLORE)   Hopefully this was helpful. Kind regards, 7MODE  
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